LCRC Accounts

Welcome to the Accounts website for the Laboratory Computing Resource Center (LCRC) at Argonne National Laboratory.

If you are new to LCRC, please read the section Information for new LCRC users. If you are a current user of any computing facilities at LCRC, please refer to the section Information for current LCRC users. Current users will need to login to Accounts pages with their UNIX username and password.

Information for new LCRC users
If you are looking to obtain an account for any computing facility at LCRC, you will need to fill out a complete account request at the Account Request Page. In addition, account requests can be filled out on behalf of someone else.
Account Request Page



Information for current LCRC users
You can adjust many details about your account at your Personal Account Page. You should also verify every so often that the information contained within is correct.
Personal Account Page

If you are looking to approve or reject requests that need your attention, please go to the Approval Page. The requests that are waiting on you will be listed.
Approval Page

To change details about computing research project information, go to the Projects Page. This will only be applicable if you are the principal investigator of a project that uses any of the large supercomputers at LCRC.
Projects Page

To request the creation of a new project for use on LCRC computer systems, go to the Project Request Page.
Project Request Page

To put yourself into one of the projects that is using LCRC systems, go to this page to see a list of the projects and to request membership into any of them.
Project Membership Page

To view cluster usage reports, please go to the Reporting page
Usage reports