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Welcome to the LCRC account request pages. These pages will guide you through the process of requesting an account on the LCRC cluster.

Please click here for upcoming changes and required action items to the LCRC account request process. Starting mid-January 2020, LCRC access will require Argonne or Argonne Collaborator Accounts, replacing the legacy LCRC account.

If you have an Argonne badge, check the box below and enter your badge number. If you don't have an Argonne badge, simply proceed to the next step.

I have an Argonne badge number. If you have an Argonne badge, select this item.
Enter badge number (5 or 6 digits):
You can find your badge number on the back of your badge, at the bottom. Only enter digits; for example, if you have B912345B. Leave out the first B and the last B, and enter just 912345.